Louis Bégouën Association
for the Protection, Preservation and Study of the

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    Louis Bégouën bequeathed the property of the three Volp caves to his children Henri, Jean-Paul, Robert and Florence (Mme Henry Antonin). The wish of these latter was to keep their inheritance, one of general cultural interest, in the family and to continue the same philosophy with which it had been preserved up to that point. They therefore founded in 1989 a charitable association under the 1901 law: the Louis Bégouën Association, whose objectives are the conservation, protection and study of the Volp caves. An original, strict internal organization was put in place, ensuring a stable management committee.

    In addition to the physical terrain, the Association also possesses a building, converted thanks to gifts from family and friends; it contains excavated material, laboratories and a library, making it an effective research and conservation tool.

    Robert Bégouën is the curator, assisted by his son Eric.


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