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Anthologie d'un exceptionnel sanctuaire préhistorique

From : Robert Bégouën, Jean Clottes, Valérie Feruglio, Andreas Pastoors.
With the collaboration of Sébastien Lacombe, Jörg Hansen, Hubert Berke, Thijs van Kolfschoten, Anne Eastham, Martin Kehl, Hugues Plisson, Marie-Pascale Lescat, François Bourges, René David, Éric Bégouën and Marie-Brune Bégouën. Foreword by Henry de Lumley
Headed by Robert Bégouën

Between 1985 and 1990, our team studied the archaeological and parietal remains from La Salle du Foyer, a little chamber in the depths of the cave, whose walls had already been polished by the passage of passing bears, before being finely engraved by the Magdalenians.
From 2010 to 2014, with the assistance of numerous specialists, this research was prepared for publication.
The new monograph also delineates the history of the cave, summing up research work carried out over a century, some of it unpublished. Finally, it makes possible a detailed virtual visit to the cave with many photographs, offering for the first time an overview of the whole of this magnificent prehistoric sanctuary, which, with over 1300 engravings and paintings, represents in itself over half the parietal corpus of the Ariège Pyrenees.

The preface, introduction and general conclusion are translated into English.

The work is co-published by Somogy Editions d’art and the Louis Bégouën Association.

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Cover of the monograph
“La Caverne des Trois-Frères”

The discoverers

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