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The Volp Caves are in the village of Montesquieu-Avantès (Ariège) and consist of the caves of Enlène, Les Trois-Frères and Tuc d’Audoubert.

They provide considerable evidence of their prehistoric frequentation, mainly in the Upper Palaeolithic, and particularly in the Magdalenian, when the caves were explored and used in their totality.

The small Volp stream quarried them out of a limestone hill, one after another. Enlène is 200 m long, Les Trois Frères 427 m and Tuc d’Audoubert 640 m. The lower level, still active, contains the Volp’s underground course, cut by two impassable siphons.

They are the subject of continual studies; those concerning Tuc d’Audoubert were published in 2009 in a monograph entitled “Le Sanctuaire secret des Bisons”.

In 2014 a monograph – “Les Trois-Frères Cave” – sums up a century of research on the occasion of the 20 July 2014 centenary of its discovery.

In 2019, a new monograph « La Grotte d’Enlène, immersion dans un habitat magdalénien » is published and closes the trilogy about the Volp Caves


The discoverers

For reasons of conservation, the caves are not open for visits because they are extremely fragile.