Louis Bégouën Association
for the Protection, Preservation and Study of the

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    The Louis Bégouën Association regularly collaborates with various universities and research institutions in France and abroad.

    1912 The Bégouën brothers undertook fruitful excavations at Tuc d’Audoubert shortly after its discovery.

    1925-1937 Louis Bégouën excavated alone at Enlène and found high-quality Magdalenian material. Considering his methods outdated, he stopped his work to save some material for future excavations. A part of his collection is in the Musée de l’Homme in Paris.

    1920-1938 The Abbé Breuil, called upon by Count Bégouën, worked with great skill to make copies of the Trois-Frères engravings, aided by some of his pupils and Louis Bégouën.

    1964-1985 Jean and Yvonne Vertut, with Robert Bégouën, carried out the first colour photographic survey of the Volp caves.

    1970-1971 Robert Bégouën, with several friends, undertook a first trial excavation in La Salle du Fond at Enlène, revealing that the deposit was far from exhausted.

    1976-1990 Jean Clottes and Robert Bégouën, with the SRA Toulouse team and numerous volunteers, successfully excavated at Enlène.

    1985-1990 Robert Bégouën and his team (Jean Clottes, Valérie Feruglio, Andreas Pastoors) studied all the remains in La Salle du Foyer, a small chamber at the rear of Trois-Frères.

    1992-2004 Robert Bégouën and his team (Carole Fritz, Gilles Tosello, Jean Clottes, Andreas Pastoors, François Faist) brought to a conclusion an exhaustive study of the Tuc d’Audoubert cave.

    In 1995 the research was classified as of National Importance by the Ministry of Culture.

    2004-2008 Writing the monograph on Tuc d’Audoubert, Le sanctuaire secret des bisons.

    2009-2013  Writing the monograph La Caverne des Trois-Frères.

    2013  Palaeogenetics - DNA analysis of the steppe bison from Les Trois-Frères.

    since 2013  Multidisciplinary analysis of prehistoric footprints in Tuc d'Audoubert in collaboration with indigenous ichnologists  (Tracking in Caves).

    2015  Interview with Robert Bégouën by Jean-Michel Geneste.

    2017  Virtual exhibition - The journey of Emile Cartailhac to Greece 1896.

    2017-2018  Digitisation of the correspondence of Emile Cartailhac with prehistorians of his time bequeathed to Count Henri Bégouën.

    2014-2019  Writing the monograph La Grotte d’Enlène.


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