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Immersion dans un habitat magdalénien

From Robert Bégouën, Andreas Pastoors and Jean Clottes

with the collaboration of Aline Averbouh, Eric Bégouën, Hubert Berke, Anne Bertrand, Clément Birouste, Julia Blumenröther, Camille Bourdier, Estelle Bougard, François Bourges, Sandrine Costamagno, Emilie Dubreucq, Sylvain Ducasse, Jean-Marc Elalouf, Valérie Feruglio, Pascal Foucher, Jörg Hansen, Marie-Claude Marsoulier Kergoat, Frédéric Maksud, John O’Hara, Caroline Peschaux, Sarah Ranlett, Cristina San-Juan-Foucher, Jose Utge, Yvonne Tafelmaier, Ulrike Weyerke. Preface of Jean-Michel Geneste.

This new monograph is intended to draw attention to what we know about this prestigious site: its history, the various traces of its prehistoric visitors, a summary of the main archaeological research carried out in Enlène, the first results of a detailed analysis of prehistoric use of space and, finally, the catalogue of the inventory (weapons, tools, jewellery, various other objects) found here.

Twenty-eight researchers examined the 4841 objects in the collection and each, according to the specialization, presented the results in its own chapters.

These reviews have provided new insights into the behaviour of the prehistoric people of Enlène, their way of using space, illuminating, eating and with the greatest care producing a wide range of tools, weapons and ornaments that reflect an everyday aesthetic. The objects are depicted in original size, and the most emblematic of them have been greatly enlarged to unfold their full richness.

The book contains 450 pages and as many photos that will help the reader to share our sympathy for the men, women and children who stopped in Enlène 17,000 years ago for a few hunting seasons.....

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Cover of the monograph
“La Grotte d'Enlène”

The discoverers

« La Grotte d'Enlène » has recently been published and its price is €55,00.