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Trois-Frères – Tuc d’Audoubert

From Henri Bégouën and Henri Breuil.

Format 21.5 cm x 28 cm, 165 pages, bound paperback

This is a very limited re-edition of the first Volp caves monograph (Arts et Métiers graphiques, Paris 1958) unobtainable for many years.

This new edition, at 90% original size, was entirely produced and financed by the American Rock Art Research Association (ARARA) in 1999, with an afterword (French/English) by Robert Bégouën and an up to date bibliography and several colour photographs.

It sums up the essential then known regarding the caves of Enlène, Trois-Frères and Tuc d’Audoubert. The emphasis is clearly on the parietal art of Trois-Frères, which alone occupies three-quarters of the work; the exhaustive copies by Abbé Breuil are themselves a real technical and artistic achievement. It is the ideal complement to the new “La Caverne des Trois-Frères” monograph.

Cover of the monograph
“Les Cavernes du Volp”

The discoverers

« La Grotte d'Enlène » has recently been published and its price is €55,00.