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Il y a 14 000 ans, dans la caverne du Tuc d'Audoubert.

Authors : Robert Bégouën, Carole Fritz, Gilles Tosello, Jean Clottes, Andreas Pastoors, François Faist.
With the collaboration of François Bourges, Philippe Fosse, Mathieu Langlais, Sébastien Lacombe. Foreword by Margaret Conkey.

From 1992 to 2004, our multidisciplinary team dedicated itself to an exhaustive study of Tuc d’Audoubert. However, this work presents the sum of a century of knowledge with a double editorial objective: scientific rigour but also the powerful emotional and aesthetic aspects of this exceptional site. We want the art-lover as well as the scientist to access all that we could see in Le Tuc…

The work is co-published by Editions d’art Somogy (Paris) and the Louis Bégouën Association.

It is now exhausted.

Cover of the monograph
“Le Sanctuaire secret des Bisons”

The discoverers

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