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Like Les Trois-Frères, Tuc d'Audoubert is a sanctuary cave, mainly used for spiritual activities. It is the only one to spread over three levels:

- The lowest, the Réseau Inférieur, contains the Volp underground stream and its re-emergence which enables access to the cave;

- The Réseau Médian, only present downstream 3 m above the stream. It has evidence of Magdalenian frequentation, with habitation zones and parietal engravings;

- The Réseau Supérieur is accessed through a narrow vertical shaft 14 m high, extends over 450 m; its passage is sometimes difficult as a crawling passage divides it into two. Apart from the famous parietal engravings with unreal or fantastic animals, traces of Magdalenian passage have remained visible on the clay floors: foot and finger prints, bear skulls cracked to extract the teeth, broken concretions etc. The clay bison are to be found in the cave’s final gallery.


The discoverers

For reasons of conservation, the caves are not open for visits because they are extremely fragile.