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Enlène, which has always been easily accessible, is not just a prehistoric settlement.
It was also the necessary passage to the cave of Trois-Frères with which it communicates by a long tunnel.

During the Middle Bronze Age (1200 BC) it was used as a necropolis that was completely excavated in the 19th Century.

More recent research has however brought to light a Gravettian occupation (27 900 cal. BP), but it was during the Magdalenian era that in was in total use (17 000 cal. BP).

Excavation has revealed habitation structures (sunken hearths, worked floors, flint and bone fragments forced into the walls, concretions moved) and numerous tools and objects in flint, bone and reindeer antler, some being genuine works of art.


The discoverers

For reasons of conservation, the caves are not open for visits because they are extremely fragile.